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  1. Exilory

    ItsChunky Application

    Accepted - Simply because you've helped before on my projects and i know you are a good staff member. Please in future for things like this use more detail. DM Me on discord ASAP thank you.
  2. Exilory

    [OFFICIAL] Helper Application Template (Must Use)

    Please copy and paste this template. Not using the template will result in an instant denial. 1. Name (This is your real name): 2. Current Ign: 3. Historic Igns (Link your namemc): 4. Have you had any staff ranks on any server before if so when and what rank: 5. Do You Currently Own /...
  3. Exilory

    [OFFICIAL] AxialMC Blacklisted Mods

    PERMITTED Below is a list of commonly asked mods which are PERMITTED. Again, this list isn’t complete and is, as always, subject to change at any time. Bad lion Client Forge LiteMod Optifine Console Client Better Sprint (or Toggle Sneak) Armor/Potion/Direction Status HUD Minimap World...
  4. Exilory

    [OFFICIAL] AxialMC Forum Rules

    Forum Rules These rules apply to the AxialMC Forums. Global rules can be found here and still apply on the forums: [Here] No Advertising Putting a link/reference/name of another server in chat that relates to another server, leads to pornographic images or sites, screamers, and pictures may...
  5. Exilory

    New Jr. Admin - 1HourLoop

    Greetings Guys! A quick update from me today. I just wanted to introduce @1HourLoop as our newest Jr. Admin! I know you guys will greet him well! - Exilory
  6. Exilory

    SkyBlock Season 1 Release Information

    Greetings Guys! Boy have we had a busy week! To say that this weeks been a quite one is an understatement. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you this information which is why its with great pleasure i announce to you the reboot of Axial! Starting saturday 11th of april you can...
  7. Exilory

    [OFFICIAL] AxialMC In Game Rules

    Global Rules These rules apply to the AxialMC Server, Discord and Forums. No Cheating The use of any form of cheating on Axial is strictly forbidden. This is the use of things such as Clients/dissallowed modifications, Scamming players or the server, Going over the alt limit [Scroll down to...