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AxialMC Server Rules


Staff member
1. No Hacked/Cracked Clients, Modifications, Macros, Scripting, DDoS/Dox Threats Find all permitted modifications here

2. No Advertising Putting a link/reference/name of another server in chat that relates to another server, leads to pornographic images or sites, screamers, pictures, and links/references to your personal youtube/twitch account (where the content is unrelated to Axial) may result in a ban.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning (warning unless the advertisement is being spammed) 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban (lesser offenses can be appeals on the forums under Ban Appeals) Spam advertising will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

3. Glitches and Exploits - If an exploit is found, report it immediately by contacting a staff member. Using a glitch or exploit within the game to provide yourself, your Island Members or others an advantage will result in a ban from the server.

1st Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban
2nd Offense: 7 Day Temp Ban
3rd Offense: 30 Day Temp Ban
4th Offense: Permanent ban

4. Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks are not welcome here. We are an all inclusive server. Using discriminatory / racist / homophobic or sexual remarks can make players feel unwelcome on the server. This is not the case and will not be tolerated.

Examples :
Skins Depicting Racist Figures (like Hitler)

1st Offense: Verbal Warning (unless it's excessive in which case you could be muted or removed from the server.)
2nd Offense: 4hr temp mute
3rd Offense: 1-3 Day Temp Ban depending on severity
4th Offense: 7 Day Temp Ban

5. Respect Players and Staff Staff are volunteers that are here to ensure the server runs smoothly. They do not have the option of ignoring rule breakers. If you choose to disrespect or disregard them, you risk punishment. They are not here to abuse, they are here to keep the server running for everyone. This includes excessive trolling, name calling etc.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning (unless it's excessive)
2nd Offense: Formal Warning (/warn)
3rd Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban
4th Offense: 7 Day Temp Ban

6. No Sexually Inappropriate Material We are a server for players of all ages. Offering yourself, or pictures of yourself, to any player or staff. Directing sexual gestures and phrases, towards others is not appropriate. This includes inappropriate builds and skins.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Formal Warning
3rd Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban
4th Offense: 7 Day Temp Ban

7. In Game Scamming is Not Permitted Scamming is not permitted on the server. Players misrepresenting items for sale, offering to give an item in payment for actions and not following through when able, bait and switch, are all examples of scamming. This INCLUDES renaming items as if they are something they are not (like mooshroom eggs, custom enchant books and the like) in the Auction House. Using alts to scam could result in a permanent ban. This includes island Insiding (Admins can see everything you do on your island and outside your island)

1st Offense: 5 Day Temp Ban
2nd Offense: 14 Day Temp Ban
3rd Offense: 30 Day Temp Ban

8. In Real Life Money Scamming / Chargebacks In Real Life Money Scamming in which someone promises to purchase a server store item in return for favors in game will result in a Ban. Scamming someone out of IRL Money is a perm ban. Period. Purchasing ranks for any player other than yourself or in trade for items in game is not permitted. Players who agree to this type of transaction are placing themselves at risk. Chargebacks will result in a permanent ban from the server until the funds are repayed for a first time offense only. Using alt accounts to make a purchase and chargeback will result in your account and all affiliated accounts being removed from the server as well may result in an IP ban. Initiating a Chargeback on a purchase may result in removal of your account, affiliated accounts and ip from the server. If you have an issue with a transaction please submit a support request here:

9. No Inappropriate IGNs As stated in rule 4: Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks, Impersonating staff, or words that are typically filtered on CosmicPvP are examples of IGN's not welcome here. If a player is seen with an inappropriate IGN, they will be banned until they change their name and an appeal is submitted.

1st Offense: Permanent ban until changed

10. Do not attempt to bypass a mute Bypassing a mute could result in removal from the server. Wait out your mute and follow the rules, it's really that simple.