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How to Use Win32DiskImager


New member
In this informative article, I will see how you are able to create a bootable USB device to install Windows 10 readily. I am pretty sure that this can be quite beneficial if you want to set up Windows 10 from scratch without minding it and your PC does not have an operating system installed and it also doesn't have a DVD drive to place the Windows 10 disk in.

With this procedure, I will use a software called Win32DiskImager and it's freely available to download. Use the following links and download this software.

Download Win32 Disk Imager

When the download is finished, which should be quickly because it doesn't occupy a lot of, click on the file to initiate the program.

When the program has loaded, simply browse your .ISO file and find it and the software will look after the rest. This is the most important part as you should select that a USB drive after selecting the ISO file. As indicated in the text, you need a USB device that has a minimum of 8 GB of free space to copy the Windows installation files.

That's it. The screen shows you the percentage, and you're able to continue when it's done.